Amazon Account Rescue

If your selling account has been suspended by Amazon, fear not, we can help!

Amazon Account Suspended?

Don’t let an Amazon suspension be the end of your selling career. Getting your selling rights reinstated can be a difficult task, but it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, we help sellers get their accounts reinstated and get back to selling every day. With the right preparation and a solid structure to back it, you can be up and selling again soon with minimal damage to your business.

Our Experience

We wrote our first appeal in 2014 and have prepared 750,000 words since then. Today, we’re built upon years of experience working with 1000’s of Amazon Sellers, Marketplaces, Lawyers and Amazonians. We are proud to let you know that our success rate is 100% because we only take those accounts which can be rescued.

Unique Appeal

Unlike other websites, we DO NOT sell templates. Seller Performance Team is aware of templates that can be found/purchased online. This is why at each appeal letter is 100% unique and crafted to fit Amazon requirements.


Before we start, we will fully investigate your account; policy warnings, metrics, feedback, inventory, correspondence with Seller Performance Team to ensure that all issues are addressed in our appeal letter. We also help with the issue of invoices of valid purchases where Amazon needs.

How it works

We are going to appeal as per accounts need. This is because every case is not same, we are well aware of this and do care.

Step: One

Get connected with us. One of our expert will go through a short discussion on the reason of your Amazon account suspension. 

Step: Two

Add us as an user of your Amazon account to go through a deep analysis. To do so you have to send the invitation to .We will confirm you, if we are able to reinstate the account.

Step: Three

Place the order to get us start on working. We will be taking care of each single inquiries from Amazon.

Step: Four

Get back on selling!

Get connected with us.


Our costs varies if you have already submitted an appeal. We can recover a account on even third attempt, but remember it is going to get harder to rescue. We appeal based on the account criteria and here is our best prices.

First Time Appeal


Guaranteed Account Rescue

Get started

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