Amazon Category Ungating

Whether it’s a category or a particular brand that you’re trying to get ungated, our experts will help you meet Amazon requirements. Ungating on Amazon can be difficult without the right knowledge and experience. We are making it easier.

Subcategory Gating is the New Trend

Amazon is constantly refining their list of gated categories in an effort to improve the process and better meet their quality goals. In general, Amazon’s strategy seems to be moving in the direction of gating particularly sensitive subcategories. For example, Health & Beauty is no longer a gated category, but the more sensitive subcategories under Health & Beauty are now gated (e.g. Topicals and Dietary Supplements). Amazon has not published a master list of gated subcategories, so there isn’t a super quick way to figure out if a particular subcategory is gated or not. Before you decide to sell any product, it is a good idea to do a check in Seller Central to see if there are listing restrictions or if you need to apply for ungating.

Is it Worth to Ungate?

The approval process for gated categories and subcategories can be lengthy, difficult, and expensive. But the good news is that the approval process — and, in some cases, the corresponding application fee — tends to scare off less serious sellers. So if you are approved to sell in a gated category or subcategory you may see a lot less competition than what you would experience when selling products in ungated categories. If you are an established seller looking to grow your business in a significant way, this competitive edge could be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

Hassle Free Ungating Services

We are taking over the whole process to Ungate your desired category. Amazon may ask for various documents to approve the category or brand name, and we provide all the supporting documents.


Get Approved or we will refund 100% of your money. So far we have served over 4000 clients to get the approval and no failed attempt.

Already Applied?

No matter how many failed attempts you have, we will assist you in taking another shot at the Amazon ungating process. The Amazon team is very particular about the invoices they accept, but don’t let this stop you from expanding your business. Allow our services to help – you may be just one step away from success.

Hassle Free Ungating Services

No Invoice Required

We take care of this part, issuing invoices from authorized suppliers, our suppliers are authorized by Amazon.

No COA Required

We arrange Certificate of Analysis (COA) on behalf of yours without additional costs.

No GMP Required

Amazon may ask for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate and we cover this.


We cover almost all the categories however for TEXTBOOKS not new sellers are being accepted by Amazon.


Ungate subcategory Topical. No Documents required, we will require Amazon access and will be applying on behalf of yours.

$499 /Sale

Limited Time Offer

Dietary Supplements

Ungate Dietary Supplements and start selling on Amazon. No DOCUMENTS required, Amazon access required to apply.

$469 /Sale

Limited Time


Start selling in DVD category, Amazon peaks only verified sellers for this category. We will provide all the documents on behalf of yours. Required Amazon access to submit the application.

$2100 /sale

Limited Time Offer


Guaranteed ungating services, no documents required. Will be using documents from our suppliers/distributors authorized by Amazon.


Best Deal

OTC Medication

Requirement: Your business must be a registered business, should have an EIN number. We provide all required documents. Amazon access required to submit application.

$569 /Sale

Regular $799

Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Ungate Grocery – Requirement: Your business must be a registered business, should have an EIN number. We provide all required documents. Amazon access required to submit application.


Sports & Nutrition

Get approval for Sports & Nutrition. We arrange all the required documents to submit the application. Your business must be a registered business.


Best Deal

Brand Name Ungating

Ungate major brand names on Amazon like Apple, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Fisher price, Lego, LG, Motorola and many more. NOTE: Should pay additional $1000 to Amazon as security (non refundable).

Starts from $1099

Best Deal

Combo Deals

We are also offering combo deals for multiple categories at a time. Please let us know about your requirements so that we can offer you the best

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