Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have different type of questions on daily basis and we have answered the most common inquiries over here and if still doesn’t meet your inquiries, feel free to reach us.


Is it safe to share Amazon access?

It highly recommended not share Amazon account’s direct access to anyone and adding a user to your Amazon selling account is a safe method to share access. 

How to add an user to my Amazon account?

With some easy steps, one can easily add an user. Go to settings > User Permissions > Fill the short form to send an invitation. Once invitation accepted allow permission to that user. 

Can I Ungate all of the restricted categories?

Of course, one can have approval for all restricted categories, it is all about the proper documentation those asked by Amazon. 

How long it take to Ungate category?

It usually take around 5-6 days at maximum, in the case of providing invoices and all supporting documents it takes 12-15 days.

Can I Ungate specific ASIN?

Yes, we do help to Ungate specific ASIN, please contact us with ASIN you are looking to Ungate

How long it takes to rescue an Amazon account?

Normally it takes maximum of 15-18 days. Involving the preparation, appeal submission, arranging required documents. 

Is your suppliers are Amazon Authorized?

Yes, all of our suppliers are authorized by Amazon.

What Brand can you Ungate on Amazon?

We are offering major brands at this moment and still working on the others and we recommend to get in touch with us before you place any order. 

What if category is not approved by Amazon?

In 2018, we have not any rejection case, but yes if not approved you will get a full refund. 

Have further inquiries? Please connect with us for better experience.